happy beth front pageHi there! My name is Bethany, and I'm so glad you've visited. My parents, Evan and Jo, made this website for me with the hope that it will provide other children with Lissencephaly and their parents encouragement and information.
It also a great place to keep up to date on my progress with all the physio, speech, vision and occupational therapies I have! Mummy and Daddy say that  I've got so many appointments my calendar is busier than theirs!
Lissencephaly means that my brain is smooth rather than having ridges and valleys, and this means I won't develop as quickly as other children, but mum and dad say thats ok - kids grow up too quickly anyhow. 
We'd love to chat, so whether you've just been diagnosed with Lissencepahaly, found my site encouraging or want to send an encouragement to me, feel free to drop us an email.  
                                                                                                             Love and Prayers, Ev, Jo and Beth